RoughDraftAudio is the work of Duncan Parsons.

Born in the SouthWest of England, he was educated in the SouthEast of England, and after a few stops can now be found in Yorkshire.

Music and computers have both been passions through his life, from as early as he can remember. From designing imaginary robots and building steam inspired Lego models as a child, through Z80 assembler and a voracious appetite for learning any computer language available as a teen, to a professional career working with such companies as Sage, Thames Water, and Amec, Duncan has explored many possibilities and pushed boundaries in specification and design to bring to life whatever ideas are set before him.

Apparently, Duncan can't remember a time when music didn't have any pull on him, whether listening, humming, playing or [insert any other related verb] it. His taste in music encompasses obscure prog rock, 70s bubblegum pop and disco, CCM, minimalism, and most things you can put on a turntable. In 1986 he took up drumming after borrowing a kit from his local church, and has never looked back. He has received instruction from Bill Bruford, played professionally in many contexts, taught, written and performed music for theatre, appeared an a number of albums, and worked variously as an arranger, sound engineer and producer.

Firstly in BetabugsAudio, and now in RoughDraftAudio, these 2 parallel passions in his life are brought together.

After credits on 9 albums in the mid 90s, Duncan's musical involvements were less public for a long time. 2012 saw the release of a solo album "Abandoned Buildings", featuring John Hackett on flute, and Raul D'Oliveira (Mike Oldfield, Elton John, Joan Armatrading, Wham!) on trumpet.
This has been followed up with an animated DVD, and two more albums, "Music for Stairlifts (Volume 1)" and "C:Ore"
More details here.

2012 also saw the launch of a series of events aimed at musicians with a taste for tech, and techies with a taste for music. The aim is have software developers, hardware manufacturers and performers speak about the joys and woes of their particular ouevre to those who wish to listen. Details can be found on this page.