RoughDraftAudio offers technical expertise for software development, specialising in audio software;
and musical services including recording, tuition, session playing and composition/ arranging/ production.

Software Music Events
As well as contributing to almost half the output of BetaBugsAudio VST plugins, RoughDraftAudio has released many freeware VST plugins and there are commercial items to come.  

Contributions have also been made to GForce Software, EarMaster, MIDI Madness, and N-Track, amongst others.

In 2012, code contributions were made to the SoundSpiral project, a UK entry into the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
Duncan has been playing drums for longer than he cares to remember, along with guitars and keyboards for almost as long. He has worked in bands, played sessions, written and performed music for theatre, provided music for multi-media exhibitions, at various times worked as a sound engineer, producer, and arranger.

Recording services are available, as are session playing on drums or guitar; composition, arranging and production; and drum tuition, all under the banner of RoughDraftAudio.

Recent clients for recording and production include John Hackett, Nick Fletcher, Son of the South (Ben Elliott), and Mark Musgrave.

In 2012, RoughDraftAudio inaugurated an occasional series of events entitled
Design - Delivery - Performance,
The aim is have software developers, hardware manufacturers and performers speak about the joys and woes of their particular ouevre to those who wish to listen.
The first in May 2012 brought together electronic duo I Monster, software firm GForce, and legendary drummer, Bill Bruford.