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 An occasional series of afternoon and evening events focussing on Instrument and Audio Tech.
The intention is to gather software/hardware tech companies and performers to speak about their experiences, followed by a Q&A session.
The hope is to inform, encourage and inspire those with an interest in what goes on in bringing tech to market, how performers work with companies in improving the musical/artistic experience, and the changes through the years.

Might even be a bit entertaining as well...


Flyer (PDF)

 22nd May 2012   14:00 - 20:30   Red Tape Studios, Sheffield 
GForce  Ancient in Modern

Bringing classic analogue synths into the virtual world  

With an emphasis on vintage synthesizer modeling, GForce Software works with a collection of independent developers all of whom are united by a love of music and sound, the development of interesting and potent products along with a firm commitment to customer support. But critically, they aim to offer instruments of the very best sonic and musical qualities within the virtual instrument arena.
GForce Software
I Monster  Bleeping Gear

Getting dirty hands with old gear, new gear, and The Human League 

I Monster are an English electronic music group, composed of the Sheffield based record producers Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling. They formed in 1997, and released their debut album These Are Our Children in 1998. Since then their music has featured in films and on TV, as well as a few more albums. They have been party to a number of collaborations, including producing the recent The Human League album, Credo.
I Monster
Bill Bruford
 Bleeding-Edge Technology and the Drummer

[Note - Bill will be speaking only: no performance.] 

Drummer Bill Bruford’s 41-year career as a musician began at the top with three of the biggest progressive rock groups - Yes, King Crimson, and Genesis - and continued as a band-leader and innovator with his groups Bruford and Earthworks. His work is well documented at Summerfold and Winterfold Records, and in his book Bill Bruford: The Autobiography. He retired from public performance in 2009, but continues to be active as a speaker and lecturer.
Bill Bruford